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Oil mist and waste gas treatment experts


Mist on health hazards

In the process of car milling and other metal processing, due to the use of metal cutting fluid in the form of large amounts of oil mist particles in the air. Oil mist particles to 2-10 microns in diameter. Pro10 under 10 microns can direct and deposition in the lungs and cause adverse health reactions. The smaller the particle, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and heterocyclic compounds, the more the greater the damage, and even can lead to lung cancer and other diseases Therefore, control oil mist concentration is related to the operation of the workers' life safety and occupational health

The oil purifier principle

The OPF series oil mist filter adopts the principle of multi-stage filter filtration. Contaminants are collected from the pollution source into the pipeline, piped to the bottom of the filter for suction, filtered through the filter core, filtered out most of the oil particles, and the air and oil are separated, and the separated oil and oil are discharged into the collector. The air continues to enter the second stage filter, filters out the remaining oil mist particles, and finally enters the third stage HEPA filter. After three levels of filtered air, the clean air can be discharged directly into the room.

The function of oil mist filter

1. High filtration efficiency

  ◆ The PM2.5 value in a production environment can be controlled below 100ug/M3, and the PM10 value can be controlled below 200ug/M3.
  ◆ It adopts three-stage oil mist separation technology and aerodynamic principle, especially designed for the purification of high concentration oil mist.

2. Free of routine maintenance

  ◆ Automatic display filter replacement or cleaning, filter resistance monitoring display technology, no daily record.
  ◆ Drawer-designed filter element, filter element replacement is convenient and fast.

3. Durability and low cost

  ◆ The first and second filter elements can be eliminated and washed, used repeatedly, and the designed continuous service life is more than 12 months.
  ◆ The collected waste oil can be reused after simple treatment to reduce oil consumption and secondary pollution.
  ◆ Designing and manufacturing of centralized piping system, optimize layout and wind resistance energy consumption, and decrease comprehensive energy consumption of equipment by 70%.

Oil mist and waste gas treatment specialist



 Fan parmeters
  0.55kw, 1.5A,
  380V, 50Hz
 Maximum allowable throghtput
  1000m3/h, 900Pa
 Startup mode
  Direct start
 Equipment size



 Fan parmeters
  2.2kw, 5.8A,
  380V, 50Hz
 Maximum allowable throghtput
  3000m3/h, 1200Pa
 Startup mode
  Direct start
 Equipment size



 Fan parmeters
  5.2kw, 12A,
  380V, 50Hz
 Maximum allowable throghtput
  7000m3/h, 1600Pa
 Startup mode
  Start directly or indirectly
 Equipment size

Oil mist and waste gas treatment experts


Dust harm to health

In the industrial production process, it is easy to emit a large amount of fine solid particles floating in the air. The harm of these dusts cannot be ignored, and it will cause harm to the human body and industrial automation equipment. The degree of dust damage to the human body depends mainly on the chemical nature of the dust, the dust concentration of the air, and the dispersion of the dust. Some metallic dusts, such as manganese dust and lead dust, may cause poisoning or disease directly after entering the human body due to chemical properties.

Principle of DPF dust collector

The DPF type dust collector is a dry dust filter. It is suitable far capturing fine, dry, non fibrous dust. It is mainly composed of a body system, a filtration system, a cleaning system, an instrument control system and a protection system. The filter system is made of textile filter cloth or non-woven fell The dust containing gas is filtered by the filtering effect of the fiber fabric When the dust containing gas enters the bag filter, the particles with large particles and large specific gravity are due to gravity The effect settles down and falls into the ash hopper When the gas containing fine dust passes through the filter material, the dust is retained and the gas is treated.

The features of DPF dust collector

1. The dust removal efficiency is high, generally above 99%, and the dust concentration of the outlet gas of the dust collector is within 3O mg/standard cubic meter.

  ◆ The maximum running resistance of the dust collector system is <1500Pa
  ◆ Normal running resistance: 800-1200Pa
  ◆ Dust collector body air leakage rate < 2%
  ◆ Dust removal equipment has a service life of 30 years
  ◆ Filter material service life is more than 30,000 hours
  ◆ Electromagnetic pulse valve service life is more than 5 years

2. The structure is simple and the maintenance operation is convenient.

3. Under the premise of ensuring the same high dust removal efficiency, the cost is lower than that of the electrostatic precipitator.

4. It is not sensitive to the characteristics of dust and is not affected by dust and electrical resistance

Oil mist and waste gas treatment specialist

Oil mist and waste gas treatment specialist


The harm of smoke to the body

Soot is a solid particulate matter emitted from coal burning and industrial production. Its main components are silica, alumina, iron oxide, calcium oxide and unburned carbon particles. The harm of smoke to the human body is related to the size of the particles: particles larger than 5 microns can be blocked by nasal hair and respiratory mucus, and particles less than 0.5 microns will generally adhere to the upper respiratory tract and be discharged with the sputum. Particles with a diameter of 0.55 microns are the most harmful to the human body. It not only deposits in the lungs, but also directly into the blood to reach various parts of the body.

Working principle

Through the gravitational action of the fan, the smoke is sucked into the equipment from the air inlet, and the equipment is provided with coarse filtering at the air inlet. The dust gas enters the sedimentation chamber. Using gravity and upward airflow, the coarse dust is first directly reduced to the ash bucket, and the particulate smoke is captured by the filter. On the outer surface, the clean gas is filtered and purified by the filter element, and then flows into the clean room from the center of the filter element, and the clean air is purified and discharged through the air outlet.

Characteristics of Soot Purifier

1. It can be flexibly moved in any position of the factory building and is not subject to the constraints of unstable dust emission points.

2. The equipment is equipped with universal casters to facilitate the positioning of the equipment.

3. Unmatched treatment efficiency, under rated treatment air volume, the removal rate of smoke and dust is more than 99.9%. The clean air discharged after treatment can be directly circulated in the workshop.

4. The filter core type purification method, high efficiency and high precision (PTFE) membrane-covered filter material, high purification efficiency, low cost of consumables, no frequent replacement, saving environmental protection.

5. Special working conditions can be selected according to the site corresponding dust hood.

6. Through special shock absorption and noise reduction treatment, the noise of the equipment is ensured to be environmentally friendly.

7. The equipment is simple to operate and easy to clean and maintain.

8. The pollution source can be handled by mobile single machine or multi-station centralized treatment.

Oil mist and waste gas treatment specialist

Oil mist and waste gas treatment specialist


Exhaust gas harm to health

In the industrial production process, some production equipment, through the fuel combustion and production process, generate a let of soot and exhaust gas, resulting in poor industrial and mining environment, long term operating workers in their environment will suffer from pneumoconiosis, lung cancer, asthma and other occupational diseases. The particles of soot are tiny and can float in the air for a long time. The types of exhaust gas include sulfur containing compounds mainly composed of S02; nitrogen containing compounds mainly composed of No and No 2; carbon oxides mainly composed of CO and co2, mainly hydrocarbons.

Principle of WPF exhaust gas processor

The WPF type exhaust gas processor is composed of a water spray exhaust gas treatment tower and an exhaust gas filter box for fully bathing dusty gas and water The structure is simple, and mainly comprises: collector, intake pipe, exhaust pipe, multi stage Spray tower, water source (pool) and water bath circulation system, three stage filter box. It is to increase the water content in a specific container and change the direction of the air flow, reduce the air flow speed, mix it with the dust containing gas, increase the specific gravity of the dust and adhere, the water dust is separated from the air, after three stage filtration To achieve clean discharge.

WPF exhaust processor features

1. The process is simple, the cost is low, the running cost is small, and the installation is convenient

2. Stable performance, high dust removal efficiency and good desulfurization effect.

3. Intelligent, both the water spray exhaust gas treatment tower and the exhaust gas filter box have instrument prompts, reminding to replace the filter screen and filter element to ensure the treatment effect of the purifier.

4. Long service life, easy maintenance and simple operation and management. There is an access door at the position where the filter is replaced, and a door is provided at the place where the filter element is replaced to facilitate opening.

5. It has strong adaptability and is especially suitable for water soluble dust containing gases.

6. Wide selection, applicable to all air volumes and industries

7. There is no requirement for dusty gas.

Product List


◆ WPF1000

Oil mist and waste gas treatment specialist

Oil mist and waste gas treatment specialist


Product List


◆ Seal ring

◆ Check valve

◆ Round elbow

◆ Wall bushing

◆ Wall bushing

◆ High pressure inspection door

◆ Square eIbow

◆ Pneumatic damper

◆ Silencer

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Oil mist and waste gas treatment specialist

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